Friday, 18 April 2014

No {More} Fooling

Those of you that dropped by for the CKCB Kit Reveal at the beginning of the month - on April Fool's Day - may remember that we Master Forgers also presented 3 "facts" about ourselves, leaving you to guess which one was fictitious.  Many thanks for guessing if you played along ... several answers made me smile.

My 3 "facts" were:
  1. I had to have rabies injections (in my stomach) following a dog bite in Indonesia when I was 4 years old.  The surgeon was annoyed at being called in off the golf course to come and stitch my right hand back together!
    Totally true ... and I still have the scars to prove it!

  2. During the final year of my degree I computer-animated a short film featuring Heinz Baked Beans ... the programme was stored on punched cards  and the computer was housed in an air-conditioned room as big as our house.
    Also true ... I am old enough (or should that be that I started computer programming young enough) to have used, not only punched cards, but paper tape! The animation was very basic - just line drawings - and the film lasted less than a minute.

    Jimjams - Collage - University memorabilia
    Memorabilia from 1977 and 1980
  3. Hubby and I got to know each other during Ice Skating Lessons in Holland - when he tried to  show me how to do a Back Outside Mohawk - and failed!
    Which leaves this one as the "porky pie" ... we did meet in Holland but it was ballroom dancing lessons that brought us together when we discovered that we had excess left feet in common :-D
The other falsehoods have been revealed over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog today ...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matchstick Museum

Jimjams - Layout detail - layered sticker - for SJ Crafts
Hubby had a must-do on our Scandinavian road trip last year and I had a must-see: I wanted to visit the match museum in Jönköping! Not that I'm an arsonist with a fascination for matches, you understand.  No!  The one thing that I could remember learning about Sweden in school Geography lessons was that matches were manufactured in Jönköping.  Only I pronounced it "John-coping" in those days because I didn't speak any Swedish; nowadays I know that it's pronounced "Yearn-shurping".  I spotted the name when planning our route between Malmö and Västerås and when I saw that there was now a match museum instead of a factory it seemed an ideal place to break our journey.

I have a thing for mechanised processes and was fascinated by the match dipping, drying and boxing machines that were on display.  These particular machines were a mixed blessing for the locals; they reduced the risk of Phossy-jaw for the workers, but they also took away people's jobs and caused hardship.

Jimjams - Layout LHS - Jönköping Match Museum - for SJ Crafts

Hubby and I spent a good while there enjoying the displays and videos (thankfully in English as my translating skills are beyond rusty), admiring the myriad matchbox designs and making our own match packages from paper (and in true scrapbooker fashion I've included the packaging stamp on the page).  

Jimjams - Layout RHS - Jönköping Match Museum - for SJ Crafts

The sculpture was part of an art exhibition ... there was a film clip of a replica (or the original) burning to nothing.  After giving up on a Google search, I've just found out the name of the artist via Facebook (!) - Jill Lindström - the full video is here.  It takes 4 minutes for the statue to collapse and 10 to burn out!

Jimjams - Layout - Jönköping Match Museum - for SJ Crafts

I've used the Teresa Collins' My Name Is Collection along with some grey cardstock, fabric Thickers and made a little dent in my collection of brads!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #15

Well we certainly did have a lovely time.
On our day trip.
To Bangor.

Jimjams - ZIZO 15 Bangor
Despite the lack of sunshine.
And the not-open-as-the-season-hasn't-started-yet tea-room at the end of the pier.
Good job we had 20p for the telescope.

Joining in with Helena's ZIZO ... pop over to check whether others had better weather this week.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Time for another scrapbook page made with the lovely Teresa Collins "Hello My Name Is" Collection. For this one I used the March sketch inspiration from UKScrappers along with a photo of Child No.3 and her fellow G&T artists in Tuscany last year

Jimjams - Layout - Young Artists In Tuscany 2013 - for S J Crafts

Part of their pre-trip preparation was to make Renaissance-painting-inspired outfits and one of the highlights of their week was when everyone dressed up for a photo shoot in the Tuscan castle they were staying in.  I've added some gems, veneer stars and used Man O Man Sizzlits for my title.

You can read how I started using this collection here on the S J Crafts Blog (and while you're there why not check out their April Challenge ... there's a prize!).

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Killer Surfing with Kaisercraft

Here's another page for our Disney 2004 album made from supplies in my April Counterfeit Kit.  This month the Master Forgers at the CKCB are picking sketches for inspiration and after much internet surfing (!), I chose the first Saturday Sketch from Kaisercraft's lovely blog.

It's been a while since I played along over at Kaisercraft but I thought that this sketch would combine perfectly with a rather tricky Heidi Swapp patterned paper in my kit.
Using a craft knife, I cut along the swirls on the patterned paper and, having mounted my photo onto a rectangle of scrap white card, I slotted it underneath them.  Fussy cutting is not my forte but I love the effect.

Rather than follow the sketch strictly with layers of paper under my faux Polaroid, I used vellum frames, highlighted with white and teal doodling.  My kit's organza ribbon softened the patterned paper's horizontal divide.

The trouble with scrapping photos from so long ago, is that I don't have anything special to add by way of journalling.  The kids were happy to pose together for once and that was it.  Nothing else to say!  So I got creative with a date stamp instead; even that didn't go back as far as 2004, so I stamped "15 APR" and then added "04" as best I could.

I'm also linking up with Frosted Designs' Transparency Challenge ... I think vellum, organza and my ancient, glittery, domed stickers fit the bill don't you?

There are lots more sketches to choose from over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog today - which one will you pick?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #14

It's been three creative, chatty, cheery, cake and chocolate filled years since I got together with a few scrapbook pals to revive our crop, relocating it to my village hall.  Three years of cementing friendships and forming new ones, oh and making a scrapbook page or three along the way :-D

Today we had three sorts of home-made cake: Lemon Drizzle, Coffee and Orange Cream Cupcakes:

Jimjams - ZIZO 14 Crop
Twelve croppers thought they were delicious ... the eight ladies that were missing, certainly missed out!

Joining in with Helena's ZIZO ... pop over to check out other #14 zooms .

Friday, 4 April 2014

Seven Steps for S J Crafts

I have a post over at S J Crafts today showing you my Seven Step Process for cutting into a collection; specifically what I did with the Teresa Collins' My Name Is Collection.

Teresa Collinns - Hello My Name Is - S J Crafts

Going from this ...
... to this!
Teresa Collinns - Hello My Name Is - S J Crafts

And I've made a start on my Project 12 album for 2014 plus another couple of pages with this superbly versatile collection since I wrote the post!  Back soon to share :-D